Erik DePrince

Erik DePrince (aka MisterElements) is a professional illustrator with over 15 years experience creating art for apparel, consumer products, and publishing. Erik graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His illustration training emphasized the traditional skills of drawing and painting, a foundation that allows him to create hand-drawn digital work that feels truly unique. Before starting his own business, Erik worked as a product merchandiser for some of the largest children's apparel companies in New York City. In 2007 Erik started the MisterElements line of royalty-free vector illustrations, which he has since grown into a collection of over 5,000 images. Erik's illustrations have been licensed well over 250,000 times to clients around the world. Recently Erik also created a new 2D HD animated pre-school series called Playtime Buddies™ that is currently in production with fifty-two episodes.

Besides creating art, Erik enjoys playing chess, spending time with wife and two kids, taking roadtrips, and drinking way too much coffee.