Jess Volinski

If you feel like you've seen Jess Volinski's art somewhere, it's probably because you have! Jess's art has appeared in many publications and on countless apparel, stationary, and tableware products in major retailers across the world. Blending hand-made and digital techniques, her fun and distinctive style is a modern-day psychedelic combination of organic flowing shapes, hand-lettering, and happy candy-colored palettes.

For as long as Jess can remember she always dreamed of becoming an illustrator. Determined to succeed and operating on pure passion, she stubbornly applied to only one college while in high school -- the only one she wanted to attend. Thankfully, the School of Visual Arts in New York City did indeed accept her and she graduated in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration. After four amazing years learning how to draw and paint, she promptly scrapped her entire portfolio to focus on mastering Photoshop and Illustrator and in that process became the artist she is today.

While living in NYC, she worked in the publishing industry as an in-house freelance designer in the children's book departments at Henry Holt, Scholastic, & HarperCollins. She also worked for several years as a textile designer with a focus on children's, tween, and teen markets, selling her designs to some of the world's top manufacturers. All this varied experience with products gave Jess a firm understanding of what kinds of images folks love to see decorating the products they choose to buy. After leaving the city for the surreal life of the burbs, Jess took everything she had learned and plunged into illustration as a full-time career and has been running her own business ever since. She now works extensively in the publishing, fashion, tableware, and stationary industries creating illustrations and surface designs for clients across the world. Clients and licensees love her keen eye for trend, cohesive design collections, fresh color palettes and fun-to-work-with energy.

Jess is also the artist behind the iconic and instantly recognizable brand of royalty-free doodles known as blue67design. Her royalty-free images, including her Sketchy Doodles, Notebook Doodles, and Henna Doodles, have been licensed well over 100,000 times and appeared on countless products, webpages, and more across the world.

As an absolute believer in how fulfilling it can be to follow your dreams, Jess began her newest collection of designs called "Peace, Love, and Pretty Pictures" as a way to inspire folks everywhere to do whatever makes them most happy. She knows first-hand that following your dreams means setting out on an amazing (and at times terrifying) journey, one that will bring the kind of joy only discovered by doing what you love in life.

Jess is currently expanding her new collection into a fun, inspirational brand aimed at promoting creativity. As the first steps of this new journey, a few designs from Peace, Love, & Pretty Pictures will appear on products in TJ Maxx this year as well as Innoversa's awesome new Trim-A-Rim products.