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To ensure that our product would satisfy or exceed consumer expectations, Trim-A-Rim preview packages were sent to testers of all ages around the US. In addition to gathering user feedback on potential enhancements and input regarding preferred ring designs, these Trim-A-Rim trials also brought in many glowing testimonial reviews.

Following are some of the comments about Trim-A-Rim which preview testers sent in:

From Donna S., Facility Manager of Curiosity Zone, LLC, Ashburn, VA:

"I just wanted to take a moment to drop you a note and let you know how much my kids and I love your Trim-a-Rim product. The fact that you can change out the border to match any décor is really awesome. Also, my one child loves art, and the fact that he can create his own rim really made him fall in love with this product. Also, since my kids don't have typical names, personalized items are hard to come by so having something that I could personalize for them was a huge bonus to me. I can definitely see myself personalizing them for gifts for friends as well. Thank you so much for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Keep up the good work!"

From Elena F., Orlando, FL, University of Georgia student:

"I like how you can change the different rims -- the more effort you put into it, the more fun it will be. Cute idea. I want to change the rims for seasons and fun occasions."

From Cathy Z., Reston, VA, mother/grandmother:

"Quality is great -- solid feel to the product - not flimsy. I think the product is very appealing. Great instructions!"

From Sarah K., Atlanta, GA, University of Georgia student:

"I like the flexibility of it and the creativity. It's the ideal gift for girls any age between girls to younger women. So cute!"

From Anonymous survey responder, Santa Ana, CA, 40's mother:

"We love the product -- so does my 10-1/2 year old daughter -- and the neighborhood girls all want one when they come out on the market! It's fun and very practical. It is neat and versatile. It is a great product. It is durable and practical. Many kids in our neighborhood loved it. It is a great gift also!"

From Sonia W., Santa Rosa Beach, FL, mother of 2 pre-teen children:

"I like that it can work in children's rooms with different themes or even look nice in your living room. Also, a great craft activity. Everything is appealing -- you can spend a little time on it or a lot -- I love it! Love the ease of use. Great gift too! I would like to join a Trim-A-Rim party or class like they have scrapbooking parties."

From Lindsey R., Roswell, GA, University of Georgia student/SDT sorority:

"I love that you can change the design. I also love the designs that were sent with the Trim-A-Rim. Very well labeled and easy to understand how it works. Showed my mom when I got it and she was so excited about it like me. She said they would be awesome graduation gifts."

From Helen, Albany, GA, 40's Mom:

"I like the versatility of changing the rings. I think this would be a must have for college dorm rooms!"

From Rene D., Northern VA, 40's female:

"The quality is high and the plastic is heavy-duty. It was very easy to change the rim pattern."

From Larry C., Summerville, SC, 50's father:

"Makes a great gift!"

From Michael S., professional photographer, Herndon, VA:

"Our family loves the Trim-A-Rim! I put our honey-do-list on it for my wife and that has changed our life! She has trouble doing things that fall outside of her routine and I was always nagging her. The whole problem was solved by a short list on the Trim-a-Rim. Also my boys take pride in making an inspirational and creative drawing or saying on it...EVERY DAY! My favorite is when they draw a stick man using the magnets and pen to make a skateboard, or the pen is a surfboard and the magnets are eyes of a shark about to eat the stick man on the surf board."

From Elana S., Tallahassee, FL, 20's Florida State University student:

"I like that you can change the paper to match seasons, holidays and personality. This is great! It is super fun and cool!"

From Taylor C., Marietta, GA, University of Georgia student:

"I like the fact that it can be either a white board or mirror, and you can choose a ring. I like how you can personalize the ring."

From Jane M., Lexington, KY, 70's mother/grandmother:

"The whole design is great -- love it. It's all very appealing."

From Erin H., Atlanta, GA, University of Georgia student/SDT sorority:

"Great for a dorm. Easy to assemble."