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The answers to all of your questions about hosting your own party!

What's a Trim-A-Rim Party?

At a Trim-A-Rim Party, your attendees of all ages (8* to 99) will enjoy several hours of creative fun, which can be as individualized or collaborative as you and they wish. (*the product is age-graded at 8+ primarily due to the involvement of scissors for cutting the paper border inserts. Younger children also enjoy Trim-A-Rim, with adult supervision for the cutting.)

With the clear and simple instructions in each box, the intuitive product and website design and our helpful YouTube videos, there is no need for an activities guide beyond the party host.

Each attendee can customize one or more borders for their Mini or Full-sized Trim-A-Rim, as well as dressing up the note magnets if they wish, and drawing or playing games on the whiteboard itself. The end result will be their own personalized reversible magnetic whiteboard and mirror to take home with them, which they can enjoy for years to come. They can also change the border whenever they wish!

Trim-A-Rim Border Fun and What You Will Need

Note: Do not feel as if you need to provide supplies for all of these border creativity options. Each method of creating Trim-A-Rim borders will allow for plenty of fun on its own.

So that your party guests will have the clear frame in which to display what they create, we recommend providing each attendee with a Trim-A-Rim -- each size is under $20, and the package includes:

You'll find dozens of additional free border choices on our website.

You can find Trim-A-Rim on Amazon. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for special promotions.

If you need any help choosing the best Trim-A-Rim size, click here. You will need at least one pair of small craft scissors for cutting the borders from the page when done.

Each Trim-A-Rim package includes a black dry erase marker. For party purposes, you might also consider purchasing some colored dry erase markers (any brand is fine, if intended for use on dry erase boards.)

Making the Borders From Decorative Paper:

Your attendees can make fun borders from any scrapbook paper, gift wrap or other decorative paper. For Mini Trim-A-Rim, choose decorative paper options which are at least 7-3/4" x 7 3/4", and for Full size, choose paper which is at least 10 1/2" x 10 1/2".

We provide a plastic tracing template in the box, so your attendees will need only:

  • a selection of decorative papers to choose from (individual scrapbook sheets, scrapbook pads, wrapping paper, etc. Scrapbook paper can be found in any craft store, stationery stores and in most larger general merchandise chains as well. The thinner more flexible papers tend to work better in Trim-A-Rim than thicker/stiffer scrapbook stock.)
  • a pen or pencil to trace the border lines
  • scissors to cut the border along those trace lines (smaller craft scissors tend to provide a more precise trim and nicer appearance of the final product than large household scissors)

Hand-designing Blank Borders and Coloring Black & White Border Designs

We provide blank borders in each Trim-A-Rim box. If you'd like more of the blank borders, you can download and print them out from our website -- always print at Actual Size, without any scaling.

Also available for free in our Downloadable Ready Rings area are plenty of black and white border designs for coloring or other embellishments.

We recommend providing your guests with any combination of crayons, colored pencils, and or colored pens/markers. Some crafters also enjoy using watercolors or other paint, glue and glitter, flat stickers (dimensional stickers are great for embellishing the note magnets, but might interfere with closing the clear rim if used on the paper border inserts), and rubber stamps and ink -- although typically, a selection of crayons, colored pencils and pens/markers is sufficient.

Choosing Any Of Our Dozens of Free Downloadable Ready Rings:

A wide variety of downloadable designs are available in black and white for your own coloring or in ready to use fully colored versions. Check out our simple printing tips or review our online FAQ's for the best fit and appearance in your Trim-A-Rim.

Designing the Borders In Our Free Online Design Studio:

You and your attendees will have a blast using our free online Design Studio. Create borders from scratch using our background patterns, clip art and text. You can also upload photos, artwork and other embellishments if you wish. No special skills are required.

For this option, your guests will need access to a laptop or desktop computer, since the Design Studio requires Adobe Flash. Flash is already installed on most laptops and desktops but is typically not available on tablets and mobile devices. If you'd like to provide your guests with the opportunity to print and install their border at the party, you can use any household color printer, with white copy paper.

Without a printer, your party-goers can still enjoy creating borders in Design Studio. They can Preview on the screen what the final whiteboard/mirror will look like. They can also save each border in their own account to be retrieved from another computer, and can click on our email icon to send their design(s) to themselves (or someone else) to print or continue designing when they get home.

Trim-A-Rim Whiteboard Games
Download Free Invitations For My Trim-A-Rim Party!

Check Out Our Selection of FREE Downloadable Party Invitations!

You can download our ready-to-use invitations to print and fill in the blanks or otherwise embellish by hand, if you wish to hand them out or send them by good old-fashioned mail -- or you can edit them within your favorite word processing or graphic design program to print out or to attach to email, post to social media, etc.

Below are 13 ready-to-use designs -- you can click on the adjoining link to download the corresponding PDF. For easy access, make note of the file name and location where your download is being stored, or assign a new filename and your preferred folder location. Then simply print, trim and use, or edit and embellish as you wish.

Or Create Your Own Trim-A-Rim Party Invitation!

Below you will find a collection of helpful individual graphic elements. Download the Invitation Element Pack and use the elements in any design program you wish.

One option for DIY invites would be the many free invitation design programs available on the web. You might choose to try Canva, available at: https://www.canva.com/create/cards/invitation-cards/

Like most similar programs, Canva provides various free options, as well as premium options that involve fees. You should be able to upload to Canva or any similar program your choice of our Trim-A-Rim Party images below and combine these elements with their free templates to make appealing invitations, if you want more options than what you see in our ready-to-use collection. Please note that we have no affiliation with nor do we accept any liability for your use of Canva or any other program(s) outside of TrimARim.com.

Have fun!

Assorted Graphic Elements to Use in Any Design Program:

Choosing the Trim-A-Rim Size(s) - Mini or Full?
Where To Purchase Trim-A-Rim?

You can purchase Trim-A-Rim on Amazon. Check out and like our Facebook page for occasional special promotions.

Get Your FREE Personalized Border

Yes, it's fun and simple for you and your guests to make all of the personalized borders you wish, on the spot, with no waiting. But in addition to your own creations, some folks like to receive a special free custom border from us. This can make for a nice welcome surprise to greet your party guests or honoree.

This free thank you bonus from Trim-A-Rim is available on all orders of 8 or more Trim-A-Rims, no matter where you purchase them! If you would like a special customized Trim-A-Rim border for your event, simply email PFleet@innoversa.com, including your order number or other purchase info , and we will let you know what we need ( i.e. a few photos, your desired text, the honoree's favorite colors, etc.) We will also arrange to provide you with a proof for any revision requests. 2 weeks notice is typically required for this special bonus, but we can sometimes handle a rush - just shoot us an e-mail. Thank you!

Cost Comparison - Trim-A-Rim vs. Other Creative Party Options