At Innoversa, we take product safety seriously. All of our products comply with US Consumer Product Safety Commission tracking label regulations and are subjected to rigorous inspections by certified third party testing laboratories for lead content and other potential hazards as required to satisfy all applicable guidelines of the CPSC and other governing bodies.

We strive to develop and produce products that will delight you, which are designed and manufactured with utmost integrity, and that you can always trust to be safe and durable and to provide excellent value. You can rest assured that our products will always be properly tested and labeled to comply with all applicable safety and tracking requirements.

Thank you for purchasing our products, whether for you or for a lucky gift recipient. We will continue to ensure that you and your family and friends can enjoy our products with full confidence in their quality and safety.

Below you will find a link to the passing test results for Trim-A-Rim and Mini Trim-A-Rim, based on thorough inspection by accredited independent testing labs.