Need Help Choosing Which Trim-A-Rim Size to Get?

Visual Comparison & Dimensions: click here for PDF

Are you getting Trim-A-Rim(s) for...

Type of Use -- Party vs. Locker vs. Kitchen vs. Office, etc.
> School Locker = always Mini
> Kitchen/Fridge = typically Full
> Home Bedroom or Study = typically Full, although younger users still sometimes go for the Mini for this use
> College Uses (Dorm, Sorority, etc.) = typically Full
> Seniors (Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, etc.) = Mini or Full, depending on space available, intended use (whiteboard, mirror or both), likelihood to create/change borders, etc.
> Classroom, Speech Therapy and other Occupational Uses = typically Full
> Smaller Spaces (such as Office Cubicle) and On-the-Go (purse, car, travel) = Mini
> Themed Decoration (example Team Color Rim for Serving Bowl) = both sizes work well for Trim-A-Rim's non-standard uses -- as a mirrored candle tray, themed rim for a serving bowl or platter, etc., all depending on the size of the items it is being matched up with. Check out dimensions here.
Gift-giving and Age of User
> Tweens and Teens: Younger Trim-A-Rim users and younger gift recipients tend to favor the Mini, especially if middle or high-school age and they have a school locker.
> College-aged - College students usually go for the Full size -- for their sorority or dorm wall or door, since the Full size has more usable whiteboard space.
> Moms and families - For whiteboard use on the kitchen fridge, in a bedroom, study or office, moms and families tend to favor the Full-size.
> Users with smaller spaces and on-the-go - if the gift recipient is likely to use their Trim-A-Rim in a smaller space, such as an office cubicle, or on-the-go (in their purse or in the car to entertain the kids), the Mini is the way to go.
Party Activity
If your party's attendees are all 'tweens or teens, you might want to go with almost all Minis, and perhaps have a few Fulls on hand just in case.

If it's a gathering with more adults, then choose more Fulls than Minis.

Some party organizers like to get an equal mixture of both sizes, and to let the attendees choose their preferred size. But if you prefer to purchase only one size, the safest bet might be the Mini. The Mini tends to be quicker and easier to design borders for, since the borders always fit on one letter-size sheet of paper.

The 2-halves consideration: In some cases with the Full size (for example when printing customized borders from Design Studio), the larger border will print as 2 halves which are then joined together, since the Full border is too large to fit on one letter-sized sheet, and since most home users do not have a large format printer. The joining process for the Full border halves is simple, and we provide clear how-to-join instructions on our website at, but it does take a little more time and patience.

For folks who do not wish to join halves but still prefer the Full size Trim-A-Rim, we provide blank paper rings for hand-design and a selection of ready-to-use borders in the product package, as well as Downloadable Ready-Rings for Full-size Trim-A-Rim, which can be printed on 1 sheet of 11 x 17 paper for those with large format printers.
Do you plan to use your Trim-A-Rim in a school locker? If so, definitely go with the Mini.

For all other uses, the main considerations in size selection will be:

a) How much whiteboard or mirror space do you need? If you need more space, go with the Full-size. For example, almost all refrigerator Trim-A-Rim purchasers get the Full size, for shopping and To Do lists, family notes, inspirational messages, etc.

b) Do you plan to upload lots of photos and other images and artwork to create customized borders? If the available width of your image area is a concern, you might choose the Mini. Even though the overall size of the product is smaller, the design area within the Mini border is a bit wider than the Full border -- your photos will tend to show up better within the border of the Mini than the Full (although both sizes will look awesome!)

c) What is your level of patience and attention to detail when it comes to DIY and crafts? If you tend to be in a hurry, and don't think you'd have patience for joining 2 ring halves to make a full border, you might go with the Mini. Joining ring halves for the Full-size is only necessary for Design Studio creations, and it is simple to do with our clear instructions, but we know that some folks prefer to steer away from any extra steps. If that's you, then the Mini might be a better choice.