Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Throughout these FAQs, references to Trim-A-Rim™ also include Mini Trim-A-Rim™, unless the issue being discussed clearly pertains to only one or the other.
NOTE re: PRINTING ISSUE for Mac Safari Users

We have discovered that some of the more recent versions of Safari have compatibility problems with the Adobe Flash program that powers Design Studio -- so far this appears only to impact the printing of your ring creations. This does not impact the PDFs available for download in our downloadable rings area, but it can impact Design Studio rings. Your ring might print out at the wrong size, and you might not be able to choose your desired print resolution.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but as we work towards a better fix, in the meantime we recommend either of the following 2 options:

1) You can use the Chrome browser or the Firefox browser (both are free downloads) on your Mac, and should have no printing problems when using Design Studio with those browsers rather than Safari.

2) If you prefer to continue using Safari, you can still print your rings properly by saving them as PDFs first. To do this, you will click Print on the Design Studio screen when you are ready to print your creation, and then when you reach the final print dialog box for your particular printer, instead of clicking on the Print option, click on Save as PDF (for most printers this is usually found in a PDF dropdown box in the bottom left corner of the final print dialog box.) Make a note of where on your computer that PDF is being saved, and then you can pull up the PDF, choose your desired print resolution, and print it out without any sizing problems (be sure to always choose Actual Size, with no scaling.)

Creating Your Own Design Rings (including Printing Rings and Joining Halves)

Let your creativity run wild! Here are just some of the options for creating your own Trim-A-Rim design rings:

Pick Your Favorite Decorative Paper Use the clear plastic tracing template in your box to trace Trim-A-Rim ring dimensions onto your favorite colored or patterned paper, such as scrapbook paper, gift wrap, wall paper, etc. Then carefully cut out the ring along your trace lines

Create a Digital Masterpiece Make, share and print a personalized border in our fun and easy Design Studio, choosing your favorite patterns and colors, fonts, clip art, photos and personal artwork...
Or use the ring dimensions shown in the dimensions and specifications document to design your own custom rings in whichever graphics or presentation program you prefer

Turn a Blank Ring Into Something Amazing Create your own designs using the blank rings which were included in your box, or download more blank rings

Perk Up a Pattern Pick out any of our black and white ring patterns available to you, and then embellish them however you wish

Take it Easy If youre in a hurry or not in the do-it-yourself mood, simply choose your favorite full-color rings from our online inventory of ready-to-download designs and if you want to add your personal touch with a special sticker, another splash of color, some inspirational words, or any other embellishments, go right ahead! (just make sure theyll fit in your Trim-A-Rim!)

You can find scrapbook paper, in individual sheets and in pads (or stacks), at almost every arts and crafts supply store, big or small, as well as at many of the larger discount and general merchandise chains, stationery stores, hobby shops and of course at scrapbooking stores. You can also purchase scrapbook paper online through many internet sellers. (Please be aware that some of the thicker foils and cardstocks can make it difficult to fully close your Trim-A-Rim, so its safest to stick with the many options available in regular paper thickness rather than heavy cardstock thickness.)

Any commonly available copy paper will work, but for the best possible appearance, durability, ease of trimming and fit, we recommend paper that is higher than 20lb weight, but not as thick/stiff as cardstock, and with a high brightness rating (96+). The better quality your paper is, the happier youll be with your results. (For more details about paper selection and printing, please refer to our Tips for Proper Printing.)

Youve got several options here:

1) If you own or have access to a large-format printer which can handle 11 x 17 (tabloid-size) paper, then you can choose the files on our website which are sized to print on one 11 x 17 sheet, or

2) If you do not have access to a large-format printer, no worriesyou can select our files which print each full-size Trim-A-Rim design ring as two halves on standard 8-1/2 x 11 (letter-sized) paper. Then simply follow our Joining Halves PDF (short version) to join those halves into one Trim-A-Rim ring. Once you place it in your Trim-A-Rim, nobody will be able to tell that you joined two halves together, unless they are really really bored and really really inquisitive (or nosy?) and inspect it with a magnifying glass.

First, make sure that your printer was properly set to print at Actual Size and that the individual halves appear to match up with half of a pre-cut ring from your box (you can just eyeball this of course theres no need to damage a pre-designed ring by cutting it in half.) Next, try following our longer version of Tips for Joining Halves, in case some more detail might help you out. Using the white backer from your Trim-A-Rim to lay your halves onto while joining them together really helps in getting the two halves properly aligned. And if you relax and go slow and steady to make sure the stars on your Star Alignment Guides are matching up and the combined ring is covering the backer evenly all the way around before pressing down over the tape, you should be pleased with your results. The first time you do the joining might seem a bit of a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, its really a breeze. (Of course, being careful to cut directly on the solid lines of the ring and just inside the dashed lines as noted in the instructions will also make a world of difference.)

First, make sure that the ring you have selected is intended for your version of Trim-A-Rim and also your type of printer/size of paper. Some of the online files are for Full-size Trim-A-Rim if printing on 11 x 17 paper using a large format printer, some are for Full-size Trim-A-Rim if printing the ring as 2 halves on 8-1/2 x 11 (letter-sized) paper, and some are for the Mini Trim-A-Rim (on a single sheet of letter-sized paper.) Each file is labeled to indicate which of those uses it matches up with.

Next, make sure that you have instructed your printer to print at Actual Size (NOT Fit to Page or any other type of scaling), by making the proper selections in the printer dialog boxes. For more detailed information about this, with illustrations, please refer to our Tips for Proper Printing PDF.

Its always a good idea to play it safe and check the size of the ring on your print-out as compared to a pre-cut ring from the box before you start making any enhancements or doing any cutting. By doing that sizing check, you wont waste your time and materials on a ring that is not properly sized to fit your version of Trim-A-Rim.

A final note about print sizeall printers can be tricky at times, and even though you may think that everything is already set to print at Actual Size based on a previous printing, the printer might have switched to Fit to Page or some other option that involves scaling and scaling is never good for Trim-A-Rim so always make a final check that your printer is going to print at Actual Size, i.e. 100%, before hitting Print.

NO, please do not do so. Due to safety considerations, our plastic tracing templates should only be used for tracing purposes, prior to careful scissors cutting. Please do not use any type of blade to cut against our tracing templates, as this can quickly damage the template and also increases the risk of personal injury.

Sharing Your Creativity

We (and other Trim-A-Rim fans) love to see your creations, so show them off! Just go to the main home page, and at the top of that page, hover your cursor over About and then click on Inspiration Gallery. There you can view lots of cool Trim-A-Rim photos, and follow the simple instructions for uploading your own photos and captions.

Or if you've created your ring design using our online Design Studio, you can simply click on the appropriate icons (up near the Print button) to share your creation via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

For fun contests and prizes, which often include sharing your Trim-A-Rim creations, click on About and Contests.

YES, please email us at and let us know! We love to hear about all the cool things Trim-A-Rim users are doing, including interesting ways you are using the product (who knew Trim-A-Rim would make such a great family menu planner on the fridge, a theme-changeable base for holiday candy bowls and candles, etc.) If you have a photo of what you've done, please share it in our Inspiration Gallery.

Trim-A-Rim Accessory Products

Weve looked around at lots of currently available circle cutters as well as options for manufacturing our own circle cutters. However, due to the relatively large size of our paper rings, the high performance level and great user experience we would want any Trim-A-Rim circle cutter to offer and the cost that Trim-A-Rim users would likely be receptive to, we have yet to find a really good circle cutter option. But maybe weve just missed a great option! If youve come across something that you think would work well, please contact us at Wed love to hear about any opportunities to enhance the Trim-A-Rim experience!

We do not currently offer other marker colors. However, any reputable brand of dry erase marker should work fine on your Trim-A-Rim whiteboard, so feel free to use other brands of colored dry erase markers, as long as they are specifically made for dry erase use.
Please note that we do not recommend the use of markers or magnets on the mirror side, due to the potential for scratching or other damage.

Sales, Distribution and Party Activities

Our Store Locator tool is coming soon, but in the meantime, please inquire with your favorite local retailer to see if they carry Trim-A-Rim and if they dont, feel free to let them know that they should! :-) As with any new product, it takes a while for all the stores that should carry it to learn about it and to get it in stock, so a friendly local nudge can always help to accelerate that process. Thank you!

You can always find Trim-A-Rim in our own webstore and on Amazon (at

To learn about group sales opportunities, please contact, with some preliminary information about your group, anticipated order quantity, schedule, contact person, etc., and we will be happy to discuss fundraising opportunities with you.

Please contact We look forward to discussing this exciting new product with you!

Trim-A-Rim does make for a fun, engaging, creative and useful activity for any group, as well as a memorable customizable favor for special occasions. Click on Party Fun from the main menu for tips and other party help.

Other Issues, Questions and Troubleshooting

1) Ink is dry --
In most of these cases, it's simply a matter of gravity and how the box was stored at Amazon or other seller - if the pen was pointing upwards during storage, the ink can drain away from the writing tip and towards the bottom of the marker. You'll see lots of marker revival techniques if you Google "revive a dry erase marker", but these are the methods we have found to be most successful:

a) string and tape and give it a swing -- when gravity was the culprit, your marker can usually be revived with this simple centrifugal force trick. It also works for other brands and types of markers, so it's a great technique to know before discarding usable pens of all types.

Attach a piece of string (18" to 24" long should be plenty) to the non-writing end of the marker (opposite end from the eraser) by securely taping it (we recommend folding over one end of your tape to make it much easier to remove the tape). Make sure the eraser cap is securely attached to the pen as well. Securely hold the other end of the string and give the pen a few lasso-like circular swings. Test the marker (you can leave the string on while doing your testing) to see if a few swings were enough. We've found that some online articles instruct you to swing the marker longer than is necessary in most cases, and if your marker just needed a little nudge to get flowing again, swinging it for too long could result in too much ink being forced to the writing end and an inky mess. If it still doesn't write or isn't dark enough for your liking, securely re-cap the marker and give it some more swings and test again.

b) rubbing alcohol -- When string, tape and a bit of swinging isn't enough, you can often revive the marker by twisting off the small black bottom cap with a pair of plyers, dropping 3 to 6 drops of 91% or higher rubbing alcohol into the barrel of the marker (you can use an eye dropper, or plastic cup or Ziploc bag with small hole to act as the dropper)... then tightly reinsert that bottom cap and prop the marker up with the writing end pointing down for several hours or overnight. If necessary, try the string and tape gravity technique after applying the alcohol drops and allowing them to soak in.

However, if you'd rather not try any marker revival tricks or if they do not work, please email us at, and we will send you a replacement marker immediately. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

2) Cap is too tight -- you can blame us for the tight caps we instructed the factory to make sure the marker caps were air-tight in order to keep the ink fresh for as long as possible. Unfortunately, they went a bit overboard in some cases (especially some of the Mini pens). We apologize for not catching all of the too-tight pens before they got into their boxes.

In most tight-marker-cap cases, if you rotate the pen body or the cap (as if screwing in or out a light bulb or screw) as you take the cap off or put the cap on, that should work fine. If, however, your marker cap is just too tight to deal with, please feel free to email us at, let us know you need a replacement marker (and which size -- Full or Mini), along with your mailing address, and we will send you a new one. Please give the twisting tip noted above a try first though, since in most cases doing so should resolve any frustrations.

We chose hanging magnets that are strong enough to hold your Trim-A-Rim product firmly on the vast majority of magnetic metal surfaces. However, some refrigerators or lockers have much less ferrous (magnetic) metal in them than others, and/or have a surface coating, texture or shape that makes it more difficult for the magnets to hold items as heavy as a Trim-A-Rim.

Here's what to do in those cases:
First, please check to see if other smaller magnetic items will stick to that refrigerator or locker.

If other magnets do not stick, then displaying your Trim-A-Rim product on that particular surface using magnets will not work. You might consider using a repositionable adhesive such as 3M Command Adhesive or other brand, some of which are available with hooks that will fit into your Trim-A-Rim keyhole opening. In these situations, please check first to ensure that the mounting method you are using will not damage your refrigerator or locker, and that it will hold the weight of your Trim-A-Rim product. Or you might instead choose to display your Trim-A-Rim product elsewhere, using the hanging magnets or the keyhole.

If other magnets do stick to your refrigerator or locker but your Trim-A-Rim or Mini Trim-A-Rim slides too much for your liking, then we can typically solve that problem by sending you our free magnet boosters with self-adhesive lining. Simply send an email to letting us know that you need magnet boosters. Please also tell us which size of Trim-A-Rim you own (Mini or Full-size or both, and how many if more than one), as well as your preferred mailing address, and we will get your boosters out to you right away, along with simple instructions showing you how to apply them. There is no cost to you, and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to increase your Trim-A-Rim enjoyment.

The hanging magnets and marker magnets have been attached with adhesive that was chosen and tested to keep the magnets securely in place. However, as with any consumer product, we know there remains the chance for an occasional defect to slip through, or perhaps the shipping container was subjected to unusual turbulence or temperature change in transit that caused the adhesive to separate. If this happens, we apologize for any inconvenience. You should be able to re-attach the magnet with permanent double-sided tape or nearly any common household glue which is rated for use with plastic. If you cannot find the separated magnet to re-attach it or re-attaching it is not working, we typically have extra white backers with magnets and extra dry erase markers in stock, so send us an email at and we will resolve any problems.

Occasionally your design ring might resist coming out of the clear rim (come on, I just got comfortable in here and now youre taking me out?? I know Im better looking than that other ring!! urrgghh) Please resist the temptation to use a kitchen utensil, screwdriver, toothpick, ballpoint pen, knitting needle or any other hard or sharp object to remove the ring. You might scratch the clear plastic rim or damage the paper ring. Instead try one of these 4 methods:
  1. Place your thumbs against the paper ring about an inch or so apart, and gradually push your thumbs towards each other so that the ring buckles upward, or
  2. Tap the rim against your open palm to dislodge the paper ring, or
  3. Blow on the edge of your paper ring to separate it from the rim, or
  4. Very lightly touch a piece of tape to the back of your paper ring to pull it up.

First, it will be helpful if you review the simple Trim-A-Rim assembly instructions available here. In particular, its important to make sure that your mirror/message board is correctly seated into your white plastic backer (with the wavy portion of the mirror/message board sliding underneath the wavy notation area on the backer so that the mirror/message board sits nice and flush all the way around.) Another key is that your paper ring is not too thick, and that the borders of your ring are correctly cut so that it does not extend over the ring area on the backer, or else your insert ring can prevent the unit from closing properly.

With the Mini Trim-A-Rim, if you place the correctly assembled unit on a flat surface (with hanging magnets facing down against the table or other flat surface and clear rim facing up towards you) and press down on the left and right sides at the same time, you should usually notice two clicks (one happening under each hand) as the clear rim snaps together with the backer. Of course, everybodys hands and particular assembly motion will be somewhat different, so you might hear or feel fewer or more clicks, but your Mini Trim-A-Rim unit should feel securely connected.

With the Full-sized Trim-A-Rim, if you place the correctly assembled unit on a flat surface (with hanging magnets facing down against the table or other flat surface and clear rim facing up towards you) and then press down one by one over the hanging magnet area in each of the four quadrants, you should notice three or four clicks as the clear rim snaps together with the backer. Or depending on your hand size, you might choose to press down on the left and right sides at the same time. Of course, everybodys hands and particular assembly motion will be somewhat different, so you might hear or feel fewer or more clicks, but your Trim-A-Rim unit should feel securely connected.

If your Mini or Full-sized Trim-A-Rim is still not closing properly after trying all of these tips, please contact us at so that we can quickly get you a replacement unit.

We strongly advise against writing on the mirror side. Even if you use a pen or marker which "should" come off, the process of wiping too strongly against the mirror surface, or with a rag or towel that might have dirt particles on it, can scratch the acrylic mirror.

Magnets will work on the mirror side, but add more risk of scratching your mirror. To keep your mirror shiny and clean and clear for much longer, we advise not to place magnets on the mirror side. But if you just cant resist doing so, please be careful when applying and removing the magnets so that you do not move them side to side, which can scratch the acrylic mirror surface.

For instructions on how best to enjoy your Trim-A-Rim in like-new condition for as long as possible, please take a moment to review How to Care for Your Trim-A-Rim in the right-hand column of Page 2. For any stubborn stains on the whiteboard surface that do not come off with a dry soft cloth or a soft cloth with mild dish soap, you might try a little rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on a cotton ball or soft cloth. Most importantly, to avoid permanent damage, please do not ever use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on any parts of your Trim-A-Rim.

Almost all types of black magnets will leave a slight residue on white surfaces, depending upon how long they remain on the surface, whether they slide back and forth against the surface, etc. If water and mild non-abrasive dish detergent on a soft cloth do not remove those marks, then they are easily removed by rubbing with a small amount of common rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on a cotton ball or soft cloth or sponge. Do NOT use any kind of abrasive cleaner or abrasive scouring pad, which could damage the refrigerator surface. And of course, do not ever use abrasive cleaners on your Trim-A-Rim itself, as they will damage the whiteboard and mirror surface, as well as the clear plastic frame.